Dancing With Gaia filmmaker Jo Carson was interviewed on "Feraferia at PantheaCon" on Poke Runyon's Hermetic Hour radio program on February 23, 2012 (see below for description); you can listen anytime at   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-hermetic-hour/2012/02/24/feraferia-oimelc-rite-at-pantheacon-2012


On Sunday February 19, 2012 PantheaCon:

Jo helped Feraferia (a Love Culture for Wilderness & Celebration of Wildness) present a dance to the Goddess, an Oimelc/Candlemas rite with the faeries of wild nature at PantheaCon this year. 

From the program guide:

"Feraferia - A Dance for the Goddess: Feraferia is nature oriented, poetic tribal Folk and Faerie Lore, festival forms, magic, esoteric religions, erotic systems of spiritual development, ecstasy and vision quest, divinations, enchantments, seasonal and regional nature communion, wild-food gathering information, organic horticulture, nature blending arts and crafts, research into communication between all forms of life and nature, golden feast diet and paradisal life styles. Join Feraferia as we invite the Fay to dance with us in the endless wedding procession of Ouvrania and Kronos, of alpine peaks and cone forests, at it winds through mazes of starlight in the nuptial night of the nameless bride!"

The theme was based on earth's/Gaia's process at that time of year:



The Festival of Enscaled Buds on Bare Branches, and also of First Shoots. Through portals of earth, branch and cloud, Her burning Belly bursts the locks of frost. The babe lowers. Torchlit processions lead the Goddess out of the Underworld.  Slush from snows thawing off the heights, and mud from new rains signal the bursting of the water sack. 

We danced forth the Goddess from the Underworld, and entranced the local Fay (faerie) mostly from the nearby Santa Cruz Mountains and the San Francisco Wetlands and Bay, but also from the distant galaxies, to join us in the world between the worlds for a time of magic and revelry!  


* * * *

Radio Show - Jo was interveiwed on "The Magic of Feraferia" with host Karen Tate, August 31st on "Voices of the Sacred Feminine"; link here to listen anytime: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/voicesofthesacredfeminine/2011/09/01/jo-carson

This show had a good discussion of how to call in the Fay Folk of wild nature, and strengthen that relationship over time.


Radio Show - Jo Carson discussed 'Feraferia - A Faerie Faith' with host Dave Alan on "Talk Back Radio 1080" in Santa Cruz, CA on Sunday August 21 2011, but you can download the show and listen anytime from the following link:
Jo Carson -Feraferia- A faerie faith

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The SONOMA COUNTY PAGAN NETWORK hosted a special screening on 6/17/11 of Dancing With Gaia, a feature documentary by Jo Carson. This film is about new and ancient ways to experience earth as part of your own body. Ms. Carson spoke after the showing of her documentary.

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Dancing With Gaia was featured at the 2011 West Coast Dowsers Convention in July at their annual gathering at U.C. Santa Cruz, to a large crowd of dowsers and earth mystery enthusiasts.  West Coast Dowers Conference:  http://wcc2.weebly.com/

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Radio Show - Jo appeared on The Hermetic Hour (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-hermetic-hour/2011/04/15/one-year-anniversary-show) on Thursday 4/14/11, and the show is archived so you can listen anytime.  The host, ceremonial magician Caroll "Poke" Runyon was doing a one-year anniversary show, recounting highlights from all this past year, including his interview with Jo on "Dancing With Gaia".

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PantheaCon - http://www.pantheacon.com/

"Dancing With Gaia" screened at PantheaCon, on Sunday February 20th, 2011; After the show Jo answered questions and talked about the laughing girl Goddess, Kore and the faerie tradition of Feraferia.  This was the seventeenth annual PantheaCon: in their words, "our wonderful gathering of the tribes, and the largest annual pagan convention in the US. The Bay Area has a wide range of pagans, reconstructionists, and nature religions that meet and mingle here. Once again we offer the best events and most knowledgeable speakers that the West and beyond has to offer.."


Radio Interview - KSCO AM1080 in the California Central Coast Area

Jo spoke with radio host Dave Alan on Sunday, December 5th, from 4 - 6 PM - on how "Dancing With Gaia" came to be, and about deep, effective ways to feel the earth to be part of your extended body.  What does that feel like?  What is it like to share it with a partner - real or imaginary?  Why is the world of faerie important to us now?  You can listen to the show from the archives, and be inspired to get outdoors with the trees and dew-dropped grasses.



We had a lovely screening (poster below) at the Open Secret Bookstore in San Rafael, California, on Friday, December 3rd 2010.  We talked afterwards about Goddess, connecting with the Earth and Earth spirits, and connecting with our sacred sensual selves.