I create and sing songs to awaken our hearts,

to affirm our lives and to bring us together.Clare Hedin

Singing is, for me, a sacred act of communion and celebration. It has the power to alter, to transfigure. When I sing, I experience immense gratitude, joy and vitality…feeling completely alive, married in my heart, body and soul, to Spirit. I notice that, as I sing, people around me seem to remember who they are, they also connect to their joy, their pain, their humanity, to each other and to their beauty. Something happens. A collective is born. Suddenly we all belong.

I feel that life is a creative opportunity, that it is our gift to take it upon ourselves to find out what brings us joy and to pour our energy fully into it…there is an actual responsibility in its’ fulfillment. This is, to me, a creative meditation to undertake with deep focus and awareness and, as it invites us in, we can become more and more aware of ourselves. As such it is a vital contribution to world peace and harmony…because as we continue to satisfy this calling to know ourselves, our complexity dissolves and we become one with all that is, over and over again.

Come join me on a journey, your journey, our journey. Check out my appearances for an opportunity for us to come together, to sing, to listen…to connect.

Upcoming appearances and more info are at my website.