Jill SmithBorn in London, Jill trained as an actress at RADA, and did Performance Art in partnership with Bruce Lacey; evolving through science fantasy and alchemy, the performances were spectacular, largely outdoor, ceremonial and ritual celebrations of the turning cycles of earth and cosmos. Her wonderful costumes were a form of living sculpture, worn to evoke the spirits and energies of the elements and forces she was honoring. The performances were at venues all over Britain; and sometimes alone at ancient sites – the documentation of these being later exhibited with installation and performance at major exhibitions.

Moving to an old farm in Norfolk and living the real cycles of nature for the first time, Jill realized that her performances had been a self-initiation into her woman-magic and deep Goddess spirituality, and there she received profound teachings from all aspects of nature. She made several lengthy landscape journeys, including “Awakening” in 1982 from Lands End to the Hebrides and “The Gipsy Switch” – a year-long journey round England, Wales and Ireland in 1984-85. In Australia in 1984, she spent a month at Uluru which profoundly clarified her understanding of the inter-relatedness of cosmos, humans and earth and the patterns they weave together. She settled for ten years in the Hebrides, where she honored the turning cycles at the ancient sites and the sacred landscapes of those magical islands. The Ancestors there honored her with a deeper understanding of the integration of past, present and future. 
Her high spiritual experiences were mellowed by the day-to-day, year-by-year tasks of turfing, cutting, drying and getting home the peat for winter fires, and home-educating her youngest child. In 1996 she moved to Glastonbury; needing a time to reflect on the experiences of the previous 20 years, and to write her books. By 2022 she published a book called "The Gypsy Switch and other Ritual Journeys" and she returned to live on the Isle of Lewis.


Monte Rosa,
Aird Uig,
Isle of Lewis


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