Pentre Ifan Cromlech, Wales

Artist and author Monica Sjoo meditates at Pentre Ifan.  Monica presented the idea (first written down by author Evans-Wenz in 1911) that Pentre Ifan was used as a place of initiation, to facilitate a "rebirth" experience; it was called "Cerridwen's Court" or "Cerridwen's Womb" by local tradition. The structure was originally covered by earth to form a chambered mound.  Although called a "burial chamber" by archaeologists, no evidence of burials has been found. 

Monica Sjoo's paintings are filled with themes of Goddesses, megalithic stone monuments, caves, spirals, and lines showing earth energies she has experienced at these sacred places.

Site plan of Pentre Ifan.  Reports of its' age vary from 2500 BCE to 4000 BCE.

Nearby spiral of more recent origin.