Mnaijdra Temples, Malta


Mnaijdra is a smaller temple than its' nearby partner, Hagar Qim.  It is located lower down, and close to the ocean cliff.  The feeling at Mnaijdra is that it was used for smaller ceremonies, such as initiations or dream incubation.  It is located closer than Hagar Qim to the nearby bird-shaped island of Filfla.  When walking down the ancient, straight path that leads to the smaller temple, the view of the island may encourage the sensitive viewer to prepare for the experience of "taking flight" in dream or vision.

Diagram of layout of the two temples at Mnaijdra.


  The temple feels quiet and maternal.  There are large flat stones inside, at the perfect height for resting and for absorbing the experience of being held in the body of this ancient temple of the earth Goddess.