Gigantija Temple, on the Isle of Gozo, in Malta

Constructed between 3600 and 3000 BCE, this huge stone temple was built in the shape of the body of the full-bodied Goddess worshipped by the early people of Malta.  "Gigantija" means "giants' tower", and local legend says that it was built in one night by a female giant while she carried a baby in one arm. Gigantija is the world's earliest free-standing architecture and the first religious building; it predates the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt and Stonehenge in England.

The temple complex is over 1000 square meters in size: the back wall is 6 meters high, and it contains megaliths weighing up to 60 tons.

Road sign pointing to Gigantija Temple.

Model showing original layout of the temples at Gigantija.  The central one shows most clearly the layout followed by almost all the temples of Malta, with its' main entry at lower part of the Goddess' Body.  It is thought that the experience of going in and out of the temple thereby offered participants a sense of renewal and rebirth.