Callanish, Isle of Lewis, northwest Scotland

Built around 2000 BCE, this stone circle features 13 tall, slender stones with lines of stones radiating out in the four directions.  In all, there are about 19 known circles and related monuments in this area. This one, the largest and best known, is referred to as Callanish I.

Some of the stones express personalities, such as this one, painted by artist Monica Sjoo.

The Callanish Stones are seen to extend off in avenues; one such lies precisely on the axis of magnetic north/south.

A sign at Callanish I presenting its' layout and how it appeared at various times.

The nearby Sleeping Beauty Mountain; it is this mountain which appears, once every 18.6 years, to have the moon rise out of the womb area and skim along the horizon, upward toward the head of the sleeping figure. The moon then appears at the end of the avenue at Callanish I, as if the circle and avenue had been built to enshrine this sight.

Callanish is built near to an inlet of the sea, near a town of the same name.