Richard Feather Anderson

serenaRichard Feather Anderson, B.S. Architecture, Feng Shui Master, is an internationally recognized pioneer in the revival of geomancy, feng shui, sacred geometry, and labyrinths, and is one of the longest practicing geomancers in America. He founded the first comprehensive training program in multi-cultural geomancy and feng shui, was design consultant for the influential Chartres labyrinth replicas at San Francisco's Grace Cathedral, taught sacred geometry in their pilgrimage program at Chartres Cathedral in France, and was feng shui advisor for Esalen Institute’s sustainability plan. Since the mid-1980’s he has studied Feng Shui with Professor Lin Yun, Rinpoche; sacred architecture with Keith Critchlow, Professor Emeritus of the Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture, and Earth Mysteries with the world’s leading authorities. Richard has taught at Globe Sound Healing Institute in San Francisco, and in the EcoDwelling program at New College of California. Through workshops, feng shui consultations, and building design, Richard continually creates new applications for ancient wisdom to create a more harmonious world. He generously shares his knowledge with passion and humor.



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