Francesca De Grandis

serenaFrancesca De Grandis, author of Be a Goddess! (Harper San Francisco) and The Modern Goddess' Guide to Life: How to be Absolutely Divine on a Daily Basis (Sourcebooks), is the founder of Faerie Nation, a global village of wild mystics, poets, clowns, and other healthily-mad folks. De Grandis teaches Faerie shamanism for the Goddess’s children. She also offers Another Step, a curriculum for people of any faith (or happy lack thereof) who want to live their core truths and desires 100%. Her classes are tele-seminars, a simple technology whereby individuals around the world participate in class simply by dialing the phone. No computer or special equipment is needed.

Francesca's song White Lady Goddess Invocation is used in Dancing With Gaia, and is on her music CD, Pick The Apple From The Tree.  The CD is available at

Phone Number

(814) 337-2490 or (415) 750-1205


The Third Road, PO 210307, San Francisco, CA 94121


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Francesca has physical difficulty with keyboards and vastly prefers phone calls!